08 June 2010

move completed

You're probably wondering why all the posts today. I'd been putting off completing the move of all Stitch School posts from the Primrose Design blog, but decided to devote the necessary few hours to getting it done today. And I did it. If you go to the original posts you'll be directed here, so I guess that means we're all moved in! There might be a few missing items here and there but I'll be checking for problems over the next few days. Then it's time for some new stitches!


the Lady Ashuko said...

I have not yet had the chance to try the stitches from your blog, but I am very much inspired by it! I learned many of the basic stitches through cross stitch and have been meaning to branch out. Thanks!

The sewing room said...

Thankyou for taking the time to show us these stitches ,l am self taught and very much a novice as there are no classes to be found near by and l do so much better when shown,thankyou once again.

Unknown said...

Wow Janet! You have been busy. What an informative site. Your Stitch School is great for begginer's and those of us who want to expand our stitch repatoire.