29 April 2011

an easy (really) crochet edging

I have several stamped-for-embroidery pillowcases that already have the holes along the edge for attaching crochet. I just never knew how to go about attaching it. Well, I sort of knew but, having never crocheted before and finding most instructions daunting, I've never even tried.

But, there may be hope for me yet. Kathleen Mower, on her blog Miss Abigail's Hope Chest, has a tutorial for an easy zig-zag crocheted edging that might be the perfect thing to finish my project. Perhaps yours, too. She added hers to a towel (and it took just 30 minutes!), but it should work equally well for pillowcases. If you want to try this, she suggests skipping over some of the holes, choosing ones that are spaced about 3/8-inch apart; otherwise there won't be enough room for the little diamond shapes.


WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful edge, I haven't crocheted in years.


magdamagda said...

it looks adorable! easy and really nice! I must find a purpose for it too!

Christine said...

Crochet edgings are really neat, it can add a whole new look to your design. Here's a pattern I really like http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Pillows/Lace-Crochet-Pillow-Edging