26 October 2012

autumn flowers

I once promised to post pictures of any reader projects embroidered using stitches learned here at Stitch School. I think it's inspiring to see what others are doing and to hear about their process so I'm always happy to post pictures for show-and-tell. 

Amanda S. wrote yesterday to tell me about an embroidery project she just completed. She received it from her mother one Christmas with a note saying that when she was done stitching it, her mother would finish quilting it. With a big smiley face on the bottom. She probably thought it would be a while before she saw it back. And it did sit in Amanda's to-do pile for a while because she didn't know how to do most of the stitches required.

Recently it made it's way to the top of the pile and she said to herself "I can do this." After stumbling across Stitch School on the internet and learning the stitches, she completed it in about a week. And took a picture (shown here) before sending it to her mother. Now it's buried in her to-do pile awaiting a rick rack border and backing fabric.

amanda's embroidery

Some of the stitches she used are beading (a very cool way to do blackberries!), lazy daisy, french knots, feather stitch, and satin stitch. A big round of applause for Amanda—great job! 

It's craft show season for me so I haven't been doing much embroidery myself. But winter is coming and, for me, that's the perfect time to curl up with a project or two. I'm easily bored so I usually work back and forth on a few things at once :)

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