01 January 2010

seed stitch

Also called speckling stitch and isolated back stitchseed stitch is mostly used to fill a shape with bits of color. You could also use it to show seeds if you're embroidering birds :)

This is an easy stitch—essentially two short straight stitches side by side—but easy is a good thing sometimes, at least to balance the difficult ones.

Here's how to do it. Bring your thread to the front and then to the back a short distance away.


Pull your thread through and come up again right next to the beginning of the first stitch—not in the same hole but one thread over. Then take your needle to the back right next to the end of the first stitch.


You'll have two small stitches side by side and it should look just like a little seed.


When you work these stitches place them randomly and angle them differently so they look like they're scattered over the surface—just like seeds would be.


No examples this time as I've exhausted my stash of embroidery and can't find any new or different stitches on anything I own. If any of you have examples of embroidery that you haven't seen before and don't know what it is, email me a picture and I'll try to identify it and figure out how to do it.

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