01 January 2010


Another relatively easy stitch is called Granitos. As near as I can figure, granitos means "little grains" in Spanish—like in grains of sugar "granitos de azucar". It is a sweet little stitch so there you go :)

Granitos are done with small straight stitches laid side by side and using the same holes in the fabric. It makes a slightly raised elongated dot. Here's how you do it.

Bring your thread to the front, then to the back a short distance away. Come up again in exactly the same hole where you began.


Pull your thread through. Loop the thread to the left and take the needle to the back in the same hole (the second one) as before. It helps to hold the loop with your thumb.


Gently pull the thread through, making sure that it lies to the left and directly next to the first stitch. Your thumb helps here, too.


Repeat, but this time loop your thread to the right.


Pull your thread through, making sure it lays along the right side.


Continue adding thread and alternating sides until you've completed your shape. I used six strands of floss for this and four stitches on each side of the first one.


Perfect for flower buds and petals (instead of the usual lazy daisy).

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Miss Amy said...

this is also a great stitch for the black part of eyeballs :) thanks for your blog I love it! :)

- Amy